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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Attracting Beautiful Women - You CAN Attract Beautiful Women Any Time You Wish

by Jay Sullivan

Nearly every guy that you can think of has a dream of attracting beautiful women. Most of the time, that's all it is, a dream. You see most men think that they would never be able to attract and date a beautiful woman, you probably think the same thing too right?
Never assume that you have to be a good looking guy to start attracting beautiful women. I know lot's of guys with average looks that have absolutely gorgeous girlfriends, and you can too.

How? The answer is simple! all you need is 4 common personality traits. Confidence, the ability to talk to women, the ability to flirt with women and knowing what to say to women to get them attracted to you.

If you have the confidence, you can start attracting beautiful women any day of the week, period. Lack of confidence will get you nowhere. A confident guy with average looks will win almost every time, over a good looking guy with no confidence.

Can you talk to women? Being tongue tied, stuttering and mixing your words up will get you nowhere. Plan your conversation out before you approach and attempt to start attracting beautiful women. Aim for interesting conversations, and ask open ended questions that can't be answered by a simple yes/no. Never talk about the weather either, it will bore the woman to death!

If you can flirt with a woman your halfway there when it comes to attracting beautiful women, as it creates an attraction. The link at the bottom of this article with give you some tips and tricks of how to flirt with women if you don't know how.

Women respond to body language a lot because they are more in tune with it than us guys. So when you are around a woman you're interested in try and hold yourself the right way, and give out signs that you are interested. Again, we cover some excellent body language techniques on our site.

So, there's some good pointers on how to start attracting beautiful women. Use them in your dating game next time your out and you'll soon see some good results when you want to begin attracting beautiful women.

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